The Musical Association “TROUBAR CLAIR” was founded in November 1986, in Bordighera (Imperia); since then it has become a point of reference for people interested in studying polyphonic singing. This Association is well known for its choral vocation and for the several events  organized by its committee .

The name “TROUBAR CLAIR” comes from the Provencal idiom “trovare chiaro” which sounds like ”making poetry in music in a clear way” and it refers to the modern tradition of Medieval Occitan troubadours, in opposition to the hermetic tradition of “trobar clos”.

The Association has carried out more than two hundred concerts with choir programs, of folk music, sacred polyphony, woman choir only, contemporary and Renaissance music.

It performed at Coimbra University (1992), at Sanctuary of Montserrat in Catalonia (1997); at the choir exhibition of Miskolc in Hungary (1992) and at Winchester Cathedral (2000).

In 2013 it took part, again in Coimbra (Portugal), at the Requiem International Festival with the Requiem by Fauré. Moreover it also participated to the national choir competition in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), to the choir review in Rome and to the folk festival in Agrigento.   

In many events it also joined the participation of famous musicians and of  the Symphonic Orchestra of Sanremo (Imperia).             

The Association has been involved in many cultural exchanges in Italy and abroad, such as a twinning with the Choir AMISTA’ from Sorgues, close to Avignon (France) which lasted 20 years. It often organizes join events  with choirs of northern Italy towns and performs in those towns.

TROUBAR CLAIR consists of about 50 members, out of which 35 are singers coming from a region ranging from Imperia, in the western side of Liguria, to Menton, in France. The Association is a no-profit entity, self-financing its expenses through  several concerts and the contribution by local authorities.

TROUBAR CLAIR headquarter is in the old school of Vallecrosia Alta where the Choir rehearses in a room of that school.

A summer choir workshop is held every year, since 1991, in Perinaldo (Sanremo hinterland), students come from all over Italy and from abroad, high qualified teachers held those classes.

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